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Hey my fellow POODLers!

The last week has been positively crazy, once again! POODL V2 on BSC is coming very soon, the token is flying to new heights and we’ll have many more exciting things to announce in the coming weeks!

We also held several AMA’s listening to your questions…

Hello fellow POODLers!

The last days were really busy for the admin team, so we had to take a break from the articles. But we are back! And we got some really exciting news!

Coinsbit listing is coming!

Yes, you heard right, $POODL is conquering its second exchange! Coinsbit is a TOP 30 DEX…

Hello again, fellow POODLers!

When this movement started just over a week ago, no one would have thought how fast our awesome community would grow. Over 4000 member on Telegram and over 6000 holder of POODL!

A poodle is also not exactly the type of dog someone would instantly associate with the rhyme spitting…

Hello fellow POODLERS!

A new week is here where glorious things will happen to the $POODL community! To start the week we have gathered the 10 most frequently asked questions from the the last days of text and voice chat and answered them in this article for you!

1. How do I buy $POODL?

The probably most asked question…

What a first week we had…

Last Saturday the community decided to take this little stray dog in, give it some yummy treats, a good groom and start training it for it’s destiny: Going to the moon!

Since then we completed one goal after another, so it might be time…

Hello, friend! Welcome to $POODL !

$POODL combines the power of internet culture and DeFi to create the currency of the future. Like it’s big brother DOGE it’s a meme coin, and like it’s other brother HOGE it’s deflationary, but unlike other meme coins, $POODL is the first one to be entirely run by the community…


$POODL Token is the first meme coin completely run by the community! Join us and be part of a unique movement! https://t.me/poodl

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