$POODL is breaking into the Hip Hop Scene!

Hello again, fellow POODLers!

When this movement started just over a week ago, no one would have thought how fast our awesome community would grow. Over 4000 member on Telegram and over 6000 holder of POODL!

A poodle is also not exactly the type of dog someone would instantly associate with the rhyme spitting, bar dropping music genre that is hip hop. But our $POODL is not like the others!

The first big name from the scene mentioning $POODL was DBE member Young Adz, whose album “Home Alone” reached #6 in the UK charts! Not only did he retweet our members tweets just 4 days after relaunch, but he shared some of the first memes with our new logo on his Instagram account with more than 750k follower!

But not only Young Adz is a passionate POODLer. So is Hi-REZ.

If you are into the scene, Hi-REZ doesn’t need to be introduced, but for everybody else: Born in the Bronx, raised in Florida, Hi-REZ is one of the most talented young rappers you will find in the USA. With over 2 million subscribers on youtube he is also a major influencer of the hip hop scene.

Recently, Hi-REZ also seems to be a fan of crypto and meme coins in particular. While his other coins didn’t bring the hoped returns, he found redemption in our good boi $POODL and the community!

He also had a clear answer for people accusing $POODL to be a scam and him to be a scammer. A true POODLer!

It doesn’t end there. A member of the community and upcoming rapper himself, Juice The Hero, spent the last week tirelessly workeing to bring the most lit crypto song and unofficial $POODL anthem to us: HOODL the POODL!

But the hip hop scene is more than just the music, it’s an entire culture in itself and fashion plays a huge role in it. Rapper are notorious for having a distinct look to them, often using unique jewelry and accessories to make them stand out of the homogenous crowd.

Luckily, another one of our amazing members turned out to be an awe-inspiring artist specialized in sculpting and jewelry with his own world renowned brand: Partsof4. He instantly went to work and created the world’s first $POODL luxury collection! The pictures he sent the team are out of this world! But see for yourself:

So, it took $POODL only a week to break into the hip hop scene. Who else is curious what it will do in the next one? Follow us to stay up to date!

$POODL Token is the first meme coin completely run by the community! Join us and be part of a unique movement! https://t.me/poodl